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Hernán, makes wood carvings are the main reasons which Chilean countryside. more

Metal Recycled Art

Pedro Sanhueza, Develops his works from discarded mechanical components. more

Fine Jewelry

Carolina Hernández, Degree in Education profession and craft goldsmith. She began her work as a goldsmith at the early age of thirteen.more

Diaguita Ethnic Art

Carlos y Facundo, produced paintings based on Diaguita culture. Exclusive, are made on a wood basis, and also used clay, gypsum... more

Nautic Crafts

Jorge Escobar, The techniques used are several: repujamos copper and bronze metalwork techniques used,-soldered with silver solder 35% tin and copper welding, torch used for high pressure it also carve the wood, we use the marquetry technique we embedded wood-colored on other woods of other colors or textures, occasionally we melt some metals. We use wood dyeing techniques, techniques for aging metal, recorded in acid, you see, we occupy various techniques, especially ancient techniques that have been rescued from old craftsmen.

Miniature Carriages

Nelson, autodidact, who in his research for the rescue of our traditions, has been developing creating miniature replicas of Colonial Carriages Antique very fine finishes. more

Natural Wool

Yanett, living in Temuco, was able to make contact with some artisans and start working, innovating in relation to yarn, in color, type of yarn, mixed with other types of yarn or thread in order, doing a full manual and quality. The work they do is excellent, and highly prized.more

Patchwork Cushions

Cecilia Álamos, Seams, gender work, patchwork and applications (rugs, cushions, bedspreads, curtains gender and gender-reed). more

Pre-Columbian Carved Wood Art

Leonardo, creative in your search, start researching the Atacama culture and feel interested in doing and focus on archaeological reproductions, carved wood inlaid with turquoise and malachite stones. The reproductions were approved by the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, which displays. more

Mosaico de Cerámica

Marcela Muñoz y Felipe Luna, "La creación de cada proyecto es diseñado metódicamente, con el objetivo de potenciar una exclusiva composición y una buena calidad en la utilización de los materiales asegurando su durabilidad en el tiempo."

Sus trabajos lo pueden ver

Diaguita Ceramic

Nelson, self-taught, his talent for painting was born out of curiosity Art of Native Peoples ...more

Rupestrian Ceramic Art

Andrea, Education Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a major in Ceramics (Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences) since 1996.

She started working in a group workshop ceramic (a nice experience with fellow university) where he had the opportunity to continue learning and to reaffirm his love of art. more

Iron Art

Vicente Pedreros, creates artistic wrought iron works. It is self-taught from a young age and has been easy to learn handicrafts, so for about 15 years dedicated to the craft work, going through different stages and techniques, (leather, wood, glass, cold, etc.). more

Bonsai Paper

Mónica, offers customers different species of beautiful flowering trees created with paper craft in full. Each Bonsai created by "BONSAI PAPER" is a fine decorative piece unique and unrepeatable, special interior ambience and eastern areas. We invite you to know our work. more