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Rocco Borghese, "The Asian aesthetic, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau are responsible for so many incredible art objects in this world."

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Glass Art

Richard C. Hollingshead II, was born in Tulsa, OK in 1981. Richard began working with glass in 2000. Not long after discovering art marbles Richard began the pursuit of creating and developing his own designs and style. Richard has an almost manic drive to create some of the best art glass marbles on the market today. Alway's striving to find new and exciting techniques to incorporate into his work Richard promises to keep you wanting to see and collect more.

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Afro Celotto, was born in Venice, on Burano island. Around 2004 his artworks, the result of a combination of classical techniques and modern colorful shapes, became famous and requested by collectors and galleries all over the world.

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Glass Art

Sabina Boehm’s natural talent has always drawn her to the arts. In Seattle in the mid 90’s as the Borosilicate art glass movement gained momentum, she fell into an apprenticeship. This medium has great feminine appeal and a meditative creation process that has kept her blowing for the past 9 years.

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John Bridges, "I'm an independent glass artist working in my home studio here in lovely Eugene, Oregon, which some call the glass Mecca of the Northwest".

"I strive to make all my marbles presentable from any angle, as any sphere....

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Hilda Salinas,, glass artist (Tiffany Technic).


Fine Porcelain Art

Jennifer McCurdy, "I use a translucent porcelain body because it has a beautiful surface, and it conveys the qualities of light and shadow that I wish to express. After throwing my vessel on the potter's wheel, I alter the form to set up a movement of soft shadow."

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Ceramic Art

Fran Maguire, "My interests are in the universe, ideas about genetics, viruses, fertility, microcosm and macrocosm, repeating patterns and exploring my own personal experiences of being."

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Marcela Muñoz y Felipe Luna, "Every project created its methodically design, looking to potentiate a best quality and exclusive composition by usage of technic and materials assuring durability of the final product."

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