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Egg Carving Art

Gary LeMaster, "Egg carving is a deep passion of mine and nothing brings me more joy than to help others find what they need to blossom,..."

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Geometry Art

Bathsheba Grossman, "I'm an artist exploring the region between art and mathematics. My work is about life in three dimensions: working with symmetry and balance, getting from the origin to infinity, and always finding beauty in geometry."

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Computational Architecture Art

Michael Hansmeyer, "is an architect and programmer who explores the use of algorithms and computation to generate architectural form." Architecture stands at an inflection point. The confluence of advances in both computation and fabrication technologies offers architects the possibility of designing and constructing hitherto unimaginable forms.

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3D Graffiti Sculptures

Peeta , "In my work, I endeavour to realize the sculptural quality of individual letters, namely the ones that spell out my own moniker Peeta."

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Crochet Portraits Art

Jo Hamilton, Born in Glasgow, Scotland. Lives and works in Portland, OR.

"Crochet is currently my preferred process, although I do look forward to seeing how it has informed my approach to other media"...

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Pumpkins Art

Ray Villafane, "Ray’s hobby of pumpkin sculpting was brought to an entirely new level in 2007 when he was contacted by High Noon Entertainment and asked to participate in the Food Network’s Challenge Show, Outrageous Pumpkins."

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Paper Clip Sculptures

Pietro D'Angelo, "The artist presents his sculptures created with a particular innovative technique, it is figurative subjects in size - mostly children - made ​​with staples or clips, or those objects that are routinely on every desk and that each of we used to hang their sheets."

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