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Martín Sati, "All arts, from arquitecture, sculpture and painting to decorative arts, find its expression in the popular thing. It means there is a minority who has created his own artistic-expressive vocabulary throughout History, against a leading society who studies arts as a thought language."

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Alice Macarova, "At first, I created a sketch. Then, I covered the paper with watercolors, using an aerograph (or airbrush) to help me get that neat background. After that, I drew the characters by means of watercolors and permanent liners."

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Lithographs Drawn Art

Stephen Kline, internationally known artist, has created a new technique using lines of language to make fascinating and charming lithographs of your favorite dogs, exotic animals...

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Hyper-Realistic Drawings

Heikki Leis, was born in Tartu, Estonia and has lived and worked in the same town for the better part of his life. He works as a freelance artist since 2000. Heikki does mostly hyper realistic pen and pencil drawings and also sculpture.

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Scratchboard Art

Kent Barton, currently lives and works in Virginia.

His scratchboard illustrations appeared in every Graphis Annual for eight years, and have been featured in Communication Arts, American Illustration, and Society of Illustrators annuals.

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Provocative Art

Mark Anthony Roberts, "As well as painting and drawing, Mark has migrated to glass mosaics. These stunning wall hangings are painstakingly crafted from thousands of handmade and hand cut glass tiles bonded to a timber panel."

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Surreal Paintings

Joel Rea, "He presents these narratives visually through the use of vivid surreal landscapes, seascapes, animals and self-portraiture. Joel also harvests ideas from his dreams and draws subject matter from his life..."

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Hyper Realistic Paintings

Christiane Vleugels, "The sole purpose of my work is to tempt people to dream. There is nothing I love more than to move my audience to ecstasy by allowing them a peek into my fantasy."

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